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Vulkano BLAST is the latest consumer gadget that combines the features of TIVO, Sling Box, Roku and also allows you to record content on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android or Blackberry-ALL IN ONE BOX. All you need is the BLAST, a cable or satellite set top box, a home network and a wifi or 3g connection. Apart from a space saver, it also conserves energy by providing you in one box so many features. BLAST is also 25% of the cost of all the other boxes combined.

With Vulkano BLAST you carry your home TV or DVR with you to watch in any room in the home or in the world, on a tablet, iPad, smartphone, PC or Mac. You can change channels just as easily as from your living room sofa. It also lets you access Internet video services such as YouTube and search for the vast selection of YouTube videos and HD movies all on your big screen TV. Moreover, you can stream pictures, videos and music from any mobile device onto your TV to instantly share with friends and family. Plus you can use the Blast as a home DVR; you can also record any TV program on any of your mobile devices from far away locations or at home.
With Vulkano's integrated EPG, users can schedule TV recordings from PCs, Macs, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, smartphones and tablets like the Xoom or iPad. Then with a single click, users can watch or transfer hundreds of hours of recorded shows from Vulkano Blast’s internal160 GB hard drive over 3G or W-iFi to their mobile for viewing at a more convenient time. Vulkano utilizes UPnP which allows you to search for content such as videos, photos and music on multiple devices, like PC's, smartphones, NAS drives connected on your home network, then directly play the selected content on your big screen TV wirelessly.
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